Wills Probate & estate planning

Wills & Estate Planning

In today's climate, proper Estate Planning is essential. There can be tax and other implications in making a will or in not doing so. Estate Planning can be described as planning the transfer of assets to the next generation in as tax efficient way as possible while taking into account the legal obligations of the testator/donor.

A will is a declaration in writing of a person’s wishes which provide for the distribution of property after death and is a legal binding document.  However, there are many legal formalities which must be observed for a will to be valid and these should not be underestimated.

In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death, it is essential that you would make a will. This involves proper planning and understanding of Irish succession law.

We will guide you and provide advice in relation to the tax implications of bequests under a will or intestacy and assist with the administration of estates after death.

We will also arrange to make the necessary tax returns on behalf of the estate, where a tax liability or an obligation to file tax returns arises and also obtain the necessary grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and distribute and vest the assets according to the wishes of the deceased.

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If you feel you have being denied an inheritance you rightfully deserve or that the assets of an estate are being mismanaged or misappropriated, the law may come to your assistance.

Under The Succession Act the rights of many beneficiaries are protected. This is particularly true of surviving spouses and children. Our highly experienced solicitors can help ensure that your rights are protected during the administration of an estate.

All costs and expenses associated with an estate are clearly outlined at the outset.